Rope Dance

Rope Dance is an embodied practice of merging contact improvisational dance/partner dance and rope.  It’s a practice full of exploration, playfulness, curiosity, creativity, spontaneity and possibilities.


One Rope Play

One Rope Play is a practice of rope bondage, that as you guessed, involves one rope.  It is a beautiful foundation for both rope beginners and an approach that highly experienced riggers find to help deepen their practice.  It’s a way to get out of your head about tying knots, focus on the connection and following intuition/impulses in the moment.


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About Be the creator of Rope Dance

Be (pronoun Be) is passionate about the intersection of embodied movement/dance, sensuality/sexuality and kink/BDSM. Be loves creating safe(r) spaces for play, exploration, growth and healing as a means of becoming more fully who we are.

Be has been creating these spaces for the last 15 years in the Bay Area through classes and events, always pushing the envelope of what’s possible to explore. From a range of 2nd base events, Womxn in Charge, Bi/Pan Playful, Dripping Womxn and classes/playshops such as Intro to Kink, G-spot ejaculation, Rope Dance, Contactsage, Acrosage and Aquaprov.

Be brings 20 years of experience as a bodyworker that shows up through an embodied calming/nurturing presence. Along with 8 years of Somatica training for a deeper understanding of sex, intimacy and relationships.

Other Teachers

Sasha Wright

Sasha  is a somatic psychotherapist, an avid dancer, and an earthy soul who loves to guide people into shared experiences of creative connection and embodied aliveness. Curiosity, experimentation, and attunement are her allies. These principals first allured her into a longstanding love affair with Contact Improvisation in 2009, and have kept the relationship ever-evolving and ripe with new discoveries all the time. Sasha leads dance workshops and retreats involving contact improv, authentic movement, nature-connection, and other conscious dance modalities.

Sasha also leads embodied earth-based rituals where dropping into body wisdom and synching to natural rhythms connect people to an authentic experience of their own magic and meaning. Sasha provides psychotherapy that supports inner alignment and the mindful embodiment of one’s wholeness.

River Nettles

River is a creative creature who is passionate about finding and sharing flow states through dance, bodywork, and expressive movement. She has been practicing massage, energy work, and Thai bodywork for the past 10 years. Dance is one of her greatest joys in life, and she has recently been exploring and teaching contact improvisation since she moved to the west coast last year from the midwest.

In collaboration with Be, she has been diving into unique expressions of movement that combine some of her interests and talents, such as Rope Dance and Contactsage. She desires to create safe and welcoming environments where people can feel empowered to try new ways of moving and connecting with themselves and others.

Fruit Shapiro

Fruit (they/them) is an Identity Exploration Specialist — both personally a crusader for expansion, playfulness, and expression through creativity, and as a champion and inspiration for others to do the same. Fruit embraces multiple mediums, roles, projects, and versions of themself and funnels their experience into their facilitation. Their experience is grounded deeply in dance, yoga, and identity play through the lens of fashion. They started facilitating personal growth and development in 2019 and are now stepping into facilitating that in ways that are closer to their heart in the realms of attunement, embodiment, connection, somatics, kink, intimacy, and play.


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